Jazz Band is Back at UTC

UTC Jazz Band Is Back

UTC Jazz Band once again takes the stage at UTC. The March 30, 2022 performance took place in the University Center Auditorium.

When the Jazz Band officially cranked back up in January after the Covid pandemic, adjunct professor Rich Stichler initiated a major musical change. In recent years, jazz at UTC was played in small combos, maybe six or seven players. He switched the program back to big-band jazz, which needs twenty or more performers.

Stichler also made some major changes to the style and took a “the sky’s the limit” approach to his music selections. “I tried to get a variety because every music chart was a different style. We played seven charts,” Stichler said. During the concert, the band rolled through several styles. Swing. Latin. Funk. New Orleans strut. The new musical direction and its possibilities are raising the excitement level of students. 

Welcome Back! 

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